The annual meeting of Concordia Cemetery Inc. has been set for  Saturday,  September 9th at 10 AM .  Your Board has been working hard to preserve, protect and restore these sacred grounds.  We hope you can join us to see all the progress that our volunteers have made!

At the Annual Meeting, there will be no amendments to our By-Laws to consider.  Lot owners will be asked to approve the slate of Joseph Chaya, Cynthia Speth, and David Speth, unanimously voted by Concordia's Board to hold the seats which expire this year.

If you cannot attend the meeting, you may vote by proxy ballot.  Per our By-Laws, to request a proxy, please e-mail your postal address to Cynthia Speth, Acting Secretary, at DJSPETH@JUNO.COM.  Please leave sufficient time for processing, and for your proxy to be returned.

 Lastly, we ask for your support.  Attached please find the 2017 Lot Fees and Donations Form.  It is so very important that we hear from every one of you!  Concordia is full, with little  operating income; and so we rely on this funding to pay for equipment, supplies, insurance, utilities, and the many other expenses that we encounter as we maintain this sacred and historic place.  Lot owners are asked to remit $15 for one Lot, or $30 for more than one Lot.  If you are able, we'd greatly appreciate whatever additional donation you can send.  THANK YOU!  Please send Lot Fees and Donations to:  Concordia Cemetery, Inc., PO Box 1773, Buffalo, NY  14226-7773.

We look forward to meeting with you at 10 AM on September 9th!

David J. Speth
Concordia Cemetery, Inc.


Yearly Lot owner fees are $15 for one Lot, or $30 for more than one Lot.  Additional donations are welcome to help preserve Concordia.

Please send this form with checks payable to:

Concordia Cemetery, Inc.
PO Box 1773
Buffalo, NY  14226-7773

Name:     _________________________________________________
Address:  _________________________________________________
Phone:    _________________________________________________
E-mail:   _________________________________________________

Name(s) of person(s) buried at Concordia, and their relationship to you:

____________________________  Relationship:  ______________
____________________________  Relationship:  ______________
____________________________  Relationship:  ______________
____________________________  Relationship:  ______________

                           Lot maintenance fee:  $_________

                        Additional donation to help preserve our sacred grounds:  $_________

                                         TOTAL:  $_________

Please remit Lot fees by Oct. 31.