We remain a volunteer organization, and would appreciate any additional donations.
Please print this form and mail with your check or money order to: Concordia Cemetery, Inc., P.O. Box 1773, Buffalo, New York 14226-7773    

                                                                    REQUEST FOR CEMETERY RECORDS SEARCH
            Thank you for taking the time to fill out our Information Request Form.  We will attempt to answer your questions and provide as much information as possible.  Please note, we do not have copies of birth or death certificates, and, as a general rule, we cannot provide the names of parents, children, or other relatives, as they were not recorded.
            There are two types of searches.  The "basic" search, for a $15 fee, will tell you if the person is buried at Concordia, the death and/or burial date, the location of the grave and how to get there.  The "advanced" search, for a $50 fee, will include the information in the "basic" search, plus names of others buried in the same location, a photo of any existing tombstone, and any other additional genealogical information we may have.
            To help us respond to you in a timely fashion, please provide as much information as possible on the form, and indicate which type of search you are requesting.
                       I am requesting (check one)     □ Basic Search  ($15)   or     □ Advanced Search ($50)

Date:   ____________________
Your name:     _________________________________________________________________
Address:          _________________________________________________________________
City:  _________________________  State:  _____________  Zip:  _____________
Phone: ____________________________  E-mail:  __________________________
Name(s) of the deceased you are enquiring about, and their relationship to you:
1)Name:  ___________________________________________________________
Burial date:  ____________ Death date: ____________  Relationship:  _____________
2)Name:  ___________________________________________________________
Burial date:  ____________  Death date: ____________  Relationship:  _____________
3) Name:  ___________________________________________________________
Burial date:  ____________  Death date: ____________  Relationship:  _____________
4) Name: ____________________________________________________________
Burial Date: ____________ Death date: ____________ Relationship: _____________

Please do not ask us to waive search fees. We have no paid staff and no source of income for maintenance of the grounds othe